Meet the Team — Elizabeth

With 24 years in the automotive industry, Elizabeth Nowlin is a name synonymous with dedication, experience, and heartfelt service. As a Customer Service Representative at Clutch Automotive – Dairy Ashford, Liz’s journey is a testament to her commitment and passion for helping others.

Elizabeth’s tenure with Clutch Automotive began as an original employee at the Liberty location, which later became Clutch Automotive – North Shepard in 2021. In 2022, recognizing the need for her expertise, she transferred to Clutch Automotive – Dairy Ashford. Since then, she has found not just a workplace but a family she cherishes and supports wholeheartedly. Every day, Liz steps into her role with enthusiasm and a genuine love for her job. Her primary goal? To help people. Whether it’s assisting customers, collaborating with coworkers, or coordinating with vendors, she thrives on the connections she builds and the positive impact she makes. These relationships are the cornerstone of her fulfilling career.

The automotive industry has undergone significant changes over the past two decades. From the introduction of new model years to the advent of self-driving cars, the landscape is ever-changing. Elizabeth has embraced these changes by continuously learning new systems and strategies. She believes in being coachable and willing to grow, ensuring she can always provide top-notch service to her customers.

Outside of her professional life, Liz treasures time spent with her family. Her incredible daughter, Kristen, and her adoring husband, Michael, are her greatest joys. Family time is paramount to her, as she values the moments that can never be recaptured. Her personal life fuels her professional one, providing a balanced perspective that enhances her ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

Liz takes immense pride in her ability to leverage her decades of experience in new roles. She is often the go-to person for her coworkers when it comes to resolving parts issues, especially those that seem insurmountable. Her knack for finding even the most elusive parts showcases her resourcefulness and determination.

One of Elizabeth’s favorite aspects of the automotive industry is the wealth of advancement opportunities it offers. She appreciates the people willing to take a chance on her and others, fostering a culture of growth and development.

For Elizabeth, every customer interaction is a unique and cherished experience. She finds joy in helping customers navigate their specific needs, whether it’s finding budget-friendly solutions, simplifying the repair process, or going the extra mile to ensure their comfort and convenience. Each interaction is a testament to her commitment to exceptional service.

In the next 5-10 years, Elizabeth aims to continue learning and growing. Her goal is to be the best version of herself, constantly evolving to meet the needs of her customers and colleagues. Her dedication to personal and professional growth ensures that she will remain a vital part of the Clutch Automotive family for years to come.

Elizabeth Nowlin is not just a Customer Service Representative; she is a cornerstone of Clutch Automotive, bringing warmth, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to helping others. Her story is an inspiring reminder of the impact one person can have in an ever-changing industry.