Katy, Texas

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About This Location

Founded on June 1, 2002, Mission Car Care transformed a once-struggling Bright Auto in Katy, Texas, into a trusted automotive service provider. Upholding the Proverb that a good name is more valuable than riches, Mission Car Care thrived for 12 years on Franz Road. In 2014, after acquiring Auto Care USA, the business expanded to 19895 Clay Road, marking a significant milestone and rapid growth. The team, a close-knit family of ten, grew together professionally and personally. In 2021, a shared commitment to integrity and service led to the sale of Mission Car Care to Clutch Automotive. Jim Noblitt, inspired by Matthew Schwab’s vision, joined Clutch Automotive in 2024, ensuring that the legacy of Mission Car Care continues under another respected name.


Monday–Friday : 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday–Sunday: Closed


19895 Clay Road, Katy, Texas 77449

General manager

Al Prince

Al Prince joined the Clutch Automotive team in October 2023, bringing a wealth of 22 years of industry experience combined with his passion for community and ministry. His decision to become part of Clutch was heavily influenced by the company’s faith-based foundations—a vital aspect for Al as an active pastor. At Clutch, he found a like-minded team in Katy, where he aims to guide and inspire a strong existing team towards realizing the shop’s full potential. Al is renowned for his ability to connect with people, often seen brightening someone’s day and fostering personal growth among his team. He and his wife, Akilah, have been married for seven years, and their son, Royal, shares a birthday with their wedding anniversary. The Prince family is excitedly anticipating the arrival of a new member in April. Aside from his leadership role at Christian Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Trinity Garden, Houston, Al enjoys a rich life outside the garage. He is a former boxer with a love for music, movies, and culinary adventures. For Al, Clutch is more than a workplace; it’s an opportunity for extended ministry, allowing him to serve both in his professional and pastoral capacities.