Clutch Expands — Kuykendahl Edition

Embark on an automotive adventure at our fifth Clutch location, strategically positioned off Kuykendahl in Spring, TX. The first Clutch location in the area! Formerly known as Dan’s Automotive, this establishment transcended the typical repair shop; it was a cherished family legacy. Dan, Emma, and their daughter Audra, who owned and operated the shop, infused it with a deep passion for the community, their craft, and the automotive industry, leaving a lasting impact on all they served.

Clutch Automotive proudly embraces the heart and mission established by Dan and his family in this location. Introducing Clutch Kuykendahl, led by our new General Manager, Mike Street. Our skilled technicians are unwavering in their commitment to maintaining the legacy of trusted service and precision, whether it’s routine maintenance or intricate repairs. We prioritize delivering top-notch service and ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.

This latest addition stands as a living tribute to the dedication and expertise of the previous owners. At Clutch Automotive, we hold in high regard community, family, and the art of automotive care. We extend an invitation to explore our Kuykendahl location and witness the ongoing chapter of automotive legacy crafted by Dan, Emma, Audra, and now, guided by the capable leadership of Mike Street.

Clutch Kuykendahl isn’t merely a service center; it’s a celebration of passion, dedication, and excellence that has defined this location for years. Join us as we propel into the future, preserving cherished traditions while establishing new benchmarks in automotive care.