Fuel System

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The fuel system is responsible for delivering fuel from the tank to the engine and involves the following components: fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, and fuel injectors. A working fuel system is critical to starting the vehicle (fuel to the engine) and keeping the engine running like it should (keeping the clean fuel and having the proper amount of fuel injected into the engine for combustion). To maintain an effective fuel system, it is necessary to keep it clean as it naturally collects carbon deposits over time that limit its effectiveness and performance. Keeping it clean requires the replacement or cleaning of the fuel filter and the replacement of spark plugs at the proper time. Another great solution to cleaning your fuel system and helping prevent more costly repairs is the BG Fuel / Air Induction Service. This service thoroughly cleans fuel injectors, the throttle body, the plenum, air intake, and intake valves and ports removes combustion chamber deposits, and corrects the balance of fuel and air in the system. The service helps to restore fuel efficiency, restore engine performance and power, and reduce harmful emissions.


500 Miles

1 Year