Oil Change

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No matter what your vehicle needs regarding engine oil, we are ready to perform your oil and filter change (Synthetic blend, Full synthetic, European, or Diesel). With each oil and filter service, we will perform a free digital inspection to offer you an up-to-date health assessment of your vehicle. When do you need an oil change? Different vehicles call for different oil change intervals. Multiple factors go into that answer. And if you search online, you will find a vast range of answers. One factor that goes into the equation is the type of oil used (a full synthetic oil lasts longer than a conventional or synthetic blend oil). Some vehicles require full synthetic, while other vehicles run fine with either option and it’s a consumer choice. Other factors include the type of oil filter used and the rate of your oil consumption. Some vehicles consume oil at a faster rate than others, especially as the vehicle ages. In addition, if your vehicle is leaking oil, that becomes a factor in your oil change interval. No matter your vehicle, at Clutch Automotive we stick to two intervals on our oil change stickers to keep it simple (3,000 miles for our synthetic blend oil changes and 5,000 miles for our full synthetic oil changes). We understand this may be a little conservative for your vehicle and are happy to partner with you based on your specific vehicle and preferences.


Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change